Responsible Protection For Disabled Adults And Children

A guardianship helps protect the property and well-being of disabled adults and children by allowing a guardian of the estate and a guardian of the person to be appointed. The court that appoints the guardian oversees the guardianship to ensure that the disabled person is being taken care of properly and not being taken advantage of or having assets stolen.

At the law firm of Michael Overmann, Ltd., our goal is to help our clients through the cumbersome and public process of guardianship and to protect the assets of the disabled adult or child.

Our firm has practiced estate planning and probate since 1999, and we have helped many clients in Illinois who have asked to be given guardianship of a loved one. We offer a free consultation to those clients who want to understand how the process of guardianship works and have questions about their rights.

There is typically a large amount of oversight from the court in matters of guardianship. This can be an advantage due to the protection it offers but can be a disadvantage because of the time it takes to file through the court and get matters approved.

Our firm understands the court process and can help you navigate it successfully. Contact our firm for a free consultation to discuss your options.

The Guardianship Process

The process of obtaining guardianship is typically long and cumbersome, and is conducted in the public sphere, so that anyone who wishes will see what is happening. This can be uncomfortable for many clients who want to obtain guardianship of a loved one. Our firm can help you through the process. We typically represent clients in disabled guardianship cases for adults but also represent clients in minor guardianships.

After a petition is filed and the guardianship is approved by the court, our lawyers make court appearances on behalf of the client, file documentation with the court, and represent the client in the years following to approve the accounting and annual report that guardians must make to the court.

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