Our Areas Of Practice

Don’t leave your future up to strangers. With help from estate planning lawyers, you can protect yourself and your family. In addition to setting up documents to provide for your future, we can represent you in estate and probate litigation.

Come to the law firm of Michael Overmann, Ltd., for your Illinois estate planning needs. Please call our Darien office at 630-395-7948 or our Homer Glen office at 708-590-4599 for a free consultation. You can also contact us online.

Estate Planning Makes The Difference

The attorneys at Michael Overmann, Ltd., have experience with all aspects of estate planning and probate litigation. We can assist you with the following areas:

  • Planning your estate — This is an important process that allows you to transfer assets to heirs, manage funds for beneficiaries and protect yourself if you become incapacitated.
  • Do-it-yourself wills — Why do you need an attorney? Do-it-yourself wills often lead to mistakes that make them invalid.
  • Drafting wills — You can transfer assets and property as well as name guardians for your children with a will.
  • Creating trusts — Creating a trust avoids much of the time and expense of probate.
  • Special needs trusts — Set up funds to care for a developmentally disabled child or adult.
  • Drafting powers of attorney — You can draft powers of attorney for property and for health care. We can also create a living will.
  • Probate assistance — All estates pass through the probate process, which gives people a chance to challenge the estate.
  • Settlement of trusts and estates — We can assist your family with administration of a loved one’s estate.
  • Contests of wills and trusts — People challenge will and trusts when they believe funds have been misappropriated or undue influence was used on the decedent.
  • Asset recovery — We can help you stop misappropriation of assets from an estate.
  • Claims against estates — Surviving spouses, children and statutory custodial caretakers can make claims against an estate.

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