Knowledgeable Estate Planning Assistance

Estate planning is a goal-oriented process allowing you to make important decisions that you should not leave up to the state. During the estate planning process, we will review your assets and goals and then prepare wills, powers of attorney and trusts that will protect you and your family in the future.

The law office of Michael Overmann, Ltd., has been helping people in Illinois with their estate planning needs since 1999. We offer flat-rate fees and a free initial consultation to explain the estate planning process and your options. Please call our offices at 630-395-7948 in DuPage County or 708-590-4599 in Will County to schedule an appointment.

Darien Estate Planning Attorneys

There are many reasons to get started with the estate planning process today. By setting up wills, trusts, powers of attorney and living wills, you can:

  • Leave assets to people you choose
  • Decide who will manage your property if you are incapacitated
  • Decide who will make medical decisions if you are incapacitated
  • Eliminate or minimize estate tax
  • Provide for your loved ones after your death
  • Avoid the delay, expense and public nature of probate

A solid estate plan also reduces the likelihood that heirs and other family members will engage in contentious estate litigation.

Because of the important decisions you make with estate planning, it is critical that you select a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. Our law firm focuses solely on estate planning. You can count on us to provide skillful assistance so that you can make informed decisions about your future and your family’s welfare.

For a free consultation, please call 630-395-7948 in DuPage County, 708-590-4599 in Will County or contact us online.