Do You Suspect The Mismanagement Of A Trust?

If you believe that a trust was mismanaged or that a will was affected by fraud or coercion, you can contest the document in court. In cases of misappropriation, one of the steps we need to take is to bring assets back into the estate.

The attorneys at Michael Overmann, Ltd., can help you recover misappropriated assets from trusts and other estate plans. We understand the importance of keeping funds, property and other assets intact within a trust. Our Illinois lawyers can help you stop further misappropriation as well as return assets to the estate. Please call 630-395-7948 in DuPage County or 708-590-4599 in Will County for a free consultation.

Helping You With Trust Litigation Issues

A good deal of estate litigation involves discovery of assets. This is the process of returning misappropriated assets back to the estate. To accomplish this, we can file a constructive action to put a hold on any property and financial transactions while litigation is underway.

Reasons for trust contests and discovery of assets can include:

  • Misappropriation of durable powers of attorney
  • Mismanagement of assets
  • Improper asset allocation
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of trustee duty

Why are issues of fraud, misuse and misappropriation of funds or property the most common reasons for estate and probate litigation? Because, unfortunately, some people manipulate will testators or misuse trust assets for their own gain. They may get trusts and other assets put in their name by taking advantage of an elderly person’s diminished mental capacity. A trustee may purposely misappropriate funds or mismanage assets due to ignorance.

No matter why you need help returning assets to an estate, we can help. Please call our Darien office at 630-395-7948 or our Homer Glen office at 708-590-4599 to schedule an appointment.