Don’t Make Costly Errors In Do-It-Yourself Wills

Many potential clients ask us why they should hire an attorney instead of using do-it-yourself documents or computer “will-creation” software. We tell everyone the same thing: Do-it-yourself wills often cost more money and time in the long term. They are laden with pitfalls that a lay person will not know to avoid.

At Michael Overmann, Ltd., estate planning issues are all we do. Our attorneys are current with the complex estate and trust laws in Illinois. We work closely with each client, providing personal, individualized service that no prefabricated form or computer program can give you. We tailor each client’s estate plan to his or her unique goals and needs. For a free consultation, please call 630-395-7948 in DuPage County, 708-590-4599 in Will County or contact us online.

Why You Need An Estate Planning Attorney

As estate planning lawyers, we often have to fix do-it-yourself wills for clients. We find that many of them are not legally binding or contain serious errors. The most common problems with these tools are:

  • The documents you download or buy at an office supply store may not be legally sufficient to accomplish your goals.
  • The documents are probably not Illinois-specific, which can cause problems (most computer forms use national forms designed for all states).
  • You receive no professional advice to assure you that your plan is sufficient.
  • Signing formalities (witnesses, notary, attestation) are critical to have valid legal documents. An attorney will ensure documents are correctly signed.
  • No professional is responsible for the validity of the documents or available to work with if there are changes or trust funding questions.

People who use do-it-yourself estate planning programs have too often purchased a false sense of security instead of a legally binding will or trust. Why take that risk? Please call us at 630-395-7948 in Darien or 708-590-4599 in Homer Glen to schedule an appointment.