Experienced Representation In Estate Disputes

When disputes arise over an estate or a will contest is made by a family member or beneficiary, these disputes can be emotionally volatile and can end up hurting families and loved ones unnecessarily. At the law firm of Michael Overmann, Ltd., we take a practical approach to trust and estate litigation, also referred to as probate litigation, which centers on settlement and compromise.

Our firm tries to keep the situation reasonable and looks beyond the emotions of the situation. We do not want families to end up spending the deceased’s entire estate on legal fees or ending their probate litigation with irreparable holes in their family life.

As our population grows older in the United States, there is more property that is being disputed and more will contests that are being handled in courtrooms. The attorneys at the law firm of Michael Overmann, Ltd., are experienced and knowledgeable about probate litigation in Illinois. We can give you the peace of mind and effective service that you deserve.

Trust And Estate Litigation

Trust and estate litigation, or probate litigation, can arise for several reasons:

  • Will contests: Was the estate administered properly? Was the will valid? Was there capacity or any undue influence?
  • Trust contests: Was the money management in the trust done properly?
  • Fiduciary litigation: Has trustee mismanagement occurred?

The main issues in probate litigation are who is in control and how is that control being handled. Our firm can help you answer these questions and resolve any disputes or will contests in a respectful, reasonable manner.

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The law firm of Michael Overmann, Ltd., offers a free initial consultation to every client. Contact our firm at our DuPage County office at 630-395-7948 or our Will County office at 708-590-4599 to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers. We will discuss your trust and estate litigation case and figure out the best options for you and your situation.